I am rusty on my CGI/Javascript writing and need help on the following task: I am creating an online card and will present the audience with 3 options (text in different arrangements and all doable with HTML code). In addition, there will be two text boxes for text that the audience can enter. There will be a preview button and once they hit preview, will get a new HTML page with the rendered image on there (once again, this image is HTML, simply a table cell with text and some color attributes, not an actual JPG or GIF). From here, the audience can hit a submit button which sends this HTML page (or the code containing the card image) to me. They also get a copy in their email.

How can I do this? Has anyone done it before? Are there any tutorials or sample codes I can get that will speed this up? I learn best by studying other people's code .

I would appreciate this a lot because it could mean some important to my personal website.