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    refreshing another window from a popup


    I have found many examples of code to refresh a parent window from a popup but none to refresh a different window which is not the parent.

    My set up works like this:

    1 - click button on "page a" and a popup appears
    2 - enter data into a popup and click submit, it loads a second page in this window
    3 - click submit button and some server side stuff is done and a confirmation page appears.

    What I want is in step 3, when a user clicks submit I want "page a" to refresh and then the 2nd window to still load the confirmation page.

    "Page a" is the parent of the window when it pops up in step 1 but there are 2 other pages loaded before the refresh of "page a" needs to take palce. If I udnerstand correctly, this means that page a won't be the parent if the last page to load.

    I am stumped with this so any help is appreciated.

    At the moment I have the first popup refreshing page a with this code:

    but if I use this in the confirmation page, it doesn't load.

    Thanks in advance,

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    dependent upon the sequence and the existance of the intermediate window, you might be able to use 'opener.opener.....' if it appears that the 2nd window is null, pass its opener to the 3rd window.

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