Hi all,

I have a client who's website is being trapped inside of someone else's frames. Using a "framebuster" script would normally be fine except that the person linking to my client's site is upset that his site is being replaced in the browser window by my client's site without a way to get back to his website (which is framed). It is also annoying because when the visitor clicks the browser Back button, it just redirects to my client's site again.

Our original idea was to simply tell the person linking to my client's website to code his link to open my client's website in a new window. However, he apparently does not have the ability to do this since his website is maintained via an Admin Panel. He can put links on his page but cannot control how they open.

What I would like to do is put a script on my client's website which breaks out of this guy's frame, but instead of opening in the same browser window, opens my client's site in a new window. Is this possible?