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    refreshing another window from a popup


    I have found many examples of code to refresh a parent window from a popup but none to refresh a different window which is not the parent.

    My set up works like this:

    1 - click button on "page a" and a popup appears
    2 - enter data into a popup and click submit, it loads a second page in this window
    3 - click submit button and some server side stuff is done and a confirmation page appears.

    What I want is in step 3, when a user clicks submit I want "page a" to refresh and then the 2nd window to still load the confirmation page.

    "Page a" is the parent of the window when it pops up in step 1 but there are 2 other pages loaded before the refresh of "page a" needs to take palce. If I udnerstand correctly, this means that page a won't be the parent if the last page to load.

    I am stumped with this so any help is appreciated.

    At the moment I have the first popup refreshing page a with this code:

    but if I use this in the confirmation page, it doesn't load.

    Thanks in advance,

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