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    Where did my message go?

    I sent a message to the web design -forum, but I can't find it. When I go backwards with my browser I can see it but not otherwise. I even made a new comment to my previous post, but still can't find the message. I even used the search, but can't find it like that either. I am really confused And I would really need some help with the question I asked on this forum.

    The question was:
    How can I adjust my websites so that they would look about the same from one computer to another (or at least ok at every computer). My pages look ok on my pc screen , but I have got some complaints that my images and their subtitles don't match (for example two images on one row, one below and four subtitles below them). I know it's about screen resolutions but how can I fix it? I use Frontpage so please give me some advice that in mind.
    Thank you!

    If you can find it and answer it, that would be very helpful. And sorry for sounding totally crazy looking for my message

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    Your thread is there, so I don't understand why you can't see it. Have you tried refreshing your browser?

    I noticed that you have the same question posted twice so I will remove one for you, ok?
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