PriceRunner was a UK affiliate program launched recently which promised 25 pence per click and 50 pence per lead. They set-up an affiliate program, waited for webmasters to add their links, and then just three WEEKS later changed their terms to make it nigh impossible to earn decent commission.

If you check many of the affiliate directories such as they still mention the old commission rates.

Why don't you write to or TradeDoubler, who run their affiliate program, and ask them why they tricked their affiliates?

They didn't even bother to email their affiliates to let us know they were going to slash the commission rates. Shows how much respect affiliates have...

How clever to draw webmasters with a high commission rate and then slash the rates just a few weeks later when they've all added their links...

It's a state of nature out there. All vs all. In this industry affiliate managers don't care a jot about their key workers.

Awful, but true.

I still think that this affiliate game is screwed from the start though. If
you position it within the general job milieu, then it exhibits all these
features of low-paid vocations:

(1) Extremely labour intensive;
(2) Long hours;
(3) Physically and mentally exhausting;
(4) Light at the end of the tunnel - after your generation has died and gone
to heaven!

The guys making the cash out there are in skilled labour. Programmers,
technical repair one would expect.

By being in the affiliate game, you place yourself at the mercy of the most
ruthless and unregulated capitalists on earth!

What do you think 'SitePointers'?

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