I have a new client looking for me to maintain and host their web site which was designed & hosted by another local company. The reason for her change is because he is unwilling to fix spelling errors and do updates on the site. Regardless, now she has come to me.
Who owns the site as it stands right now? He designed the site for her and he has on every page and in the source code, Designed by designersname, LLC. She says that she didn't sign any contracts with him and she is not sure whether or not he will have a problem with this. I personally will not remove his info from the site, unless I do a total redesign on it. I feel that is only fair being that he did design the site. There is nothing saying anything about copy right on there either.
He does not seem to have any financial gain from the site, being that she has paid him in full, the only thing he will lose is any future hosting costs he would have received if she stayed. She doesn't have any maintanance contract on it either. He would still receive a link from each page as it stands right now, so i believe that he will still gain from that end of it.
Any and all opinions are appreciated. I am staying out of it personally, i told her that he is her problem. I am just offering her maintanance and hosting. Thanks