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    Javascript scolling text or IE <marquee>

    I'm working on a project that has a scrollng marquee built into the page. It is currenlty coded with the <marquee> tag (this site is only viewed with IE). On a dial up connection the "scroll" is very jumpy and hard to read. If I recode it using javascript, will the code be smoother on a dial up or is a jumpy marquee something that happens with a dial up connection?

    Is there a way to determine connection speed?

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    e --

    Usually, connection speed doesn't influence animation rate in browsers. One thing that could influence it would be the operating system.

    For instance, Windows 9x usually runs DHTML animation much slower than Windows 2k, xp, etc.

    Could that be the problem?

    For an answer to your question, if you were to recode the marquee in DHTML, you could make the rate equivalent on any machine, but not the smoothness. For an example of how to do this, check out an ancient article I wrote on the subject:


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