Maybe this should be in Resource Kit, but there are design issues in here, too..

I have a client whose site I maintain. I didn't design the original site. She decided she wanted Searchbutton on her site. There was something she liked about it and this was what she wanted, even though she could have her own if she wanted. I've used Atomz on a site of my own and said that I could recommend that, but no, she wanted Searchbutton. Ok. So, we got it up, took days to finish indexing a relatively small site and now that it's done, it won't return results. Searchbutton says it's because the site navigation uses relative links, and their spider doesn't do that. They also say that absolute links are preferable to relative links in terms of usablity. Then they said that if we didn't want to change every single link, then making a site map with absolute links would make the site more searchable. I don't know if they meant that the search would work well, as Atomz does, for instance, or if it would just work better than now, which is not at all.

Does anyone have any views on any of this, and do they have any views on, or experience with, Searchbutton in general?