Conducting a small experiment. Been wondering "Just how many template engines does PHP have?". My guess is there's probably at least 50 Open Source template engines out there but was hoping for a more precise number. The reason why is get a feel for how many times we've re-invented this wheel.

So if I can beg a momemt of time, please add any template engines you know of to this list. They don't have to be stand alone projects - phpBB for example has it's own template engine so that counts as one. The main thing is identifying unique template engines.

Here's the first few off the top of my head;

1. PHP (yep PHP itself is a template engine)
2. Smarty
3. XSLT - technically XSLT is also a template engine
4. PEAR::HTML_Template_Flexy
5. PEAR::HTML_Template_IT
7. PEAR::HTML_Template_Sigma
8. PEAR::HTML_Template_Xipe
9. patTemplate
10. PHPTAL (port of Zope templates)
11. PHP Savant - reclaiming PHP
12. SimpleT - also reclaiming PHP
13. YATS - Yet Another PHP Templating System
14. phpBB template engine
15. Fast Template
16. Tiny But Strong
17. YAPTER (yet another yet another?)
18. Simple Turtle Template
19. MiniTemplator
20. TagTemplate

Wow - that's already 20...