Hey again guys.
On my php advert sys, I am getting a weird error. Well, I think its weird, anyway!

Right, what happens is, the php scripts won't redirect using the 'header ("Location: blah.php");' code.

This is happening in a few of my scripts. For example, on a forgot password? script I have done, what I want is, if someone has forgotten their password, they follow the link to:

So, then, what I am doing with php, is saying that if the 'forgot=1' isn't present, they haven't followed a link, and so it redirects them back to the login page.

The error I get is:

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:/PROGRAMMING/eliter/advertsys/forgotpw.php:17) in C:/PROGRAMMING/eliter/advertsys/forgotpw.php on line 39

I am getting this in more than one script..

Anyone know what this could be?