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Thread: session id

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    i am also doing (trying and failing actually) sessions in my php advertising system.

    I saw somewhere that you have to do the following code to pass the session id to the next script:
    (call it, create it as a variable, then you would do on the link: script.php?phpsessid=$phpsessid)

    $phpsessid=session_id( );

    Is this right? Because I have also heard in a few places that it passes the session id automatically..
    I am really stuck on sessions at the moment, so any help would be great.
    Thanks very much.

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    AJ, you are using PHP4, no??? Once you call session_start();
    at the top of the page the session is initialized, and the variable $PHPSESSID is available to you. Or whatever name is assigned to the directive in your php.ini file. If the user has cookies turned on, then a cookie will be placed on their comp with the value of the session id and a file will be created on the server to hold the serialized session data. It also is the case that the first time you initialize a session the $PHPSESSID doesn't appear to be present it is isn't until the page gets reloaded or you link to another page where you have a session_start() that it will show up if you were trying to print it out.

    The only reason you would need to append the $PHPSESSID to the end of the url is so you could allow people without cookies to use sessions on your site. YOu can compile your PHP with the --enable-trans-sid flag which will automatically append the $PHPSESSID to a url when cookies aren't allowed on a users' computer. Most pre-compiled win binaries have it done for you, but if not its really easy to recompile your own version for Linux.
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