I currently have a website called Titans12thMan.com which is a fan site for the Tennessee Titans. It's been up now for around 5 months. I generally receive around 50-150 visitors a day based on when a new issue is launched.

So far, my promotions have been limited to inviting people on message boards from related sites. I've also been mentioned in the local paper a couple of times which has generated some hits. I've exchanged links with a few other related sites.

At this point, I am looking to bring in more visitors. A couple of things I've done is to have more daily content since much of the content is updated only monthly. I've added a free e-mail, added daily news, and have linked with another site to share the best Titans message board going. What other features might I offer?

Also, what might be some ways to get the word out on my site outside the web itself? I don't have deep pockets for an ad campaign but am looking for unique opportunities to promote the site.

Thanks in advance for any help given.