1) I'm trying to use some standard SSIs in a document being served by a Netscape Enterprise 3.2 server.

The file contains the following line, which generate an [Error processing this directive] error:

<!--#set var="myfile" value="tas.inc"-->

2) If I try to reference an environment variable from within an include, it does not interpolate the variable value into the string. In other words:

<!--#config timefmt="%j"-->
<!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL"-->
<!--#include virtual="/temp/${DATE_LOCAL}.htm"-->

Correctly echoes the ordinal day-of-year (333 for today, as it happens), but tries to include the file
"/temp/${DATE_LOCAL}.htm" instead of "/temp/333.htm".

Are there configuration settings on the Netscape Admin side that have to be adjusted, or am I using bad syntax?

Thanks in advance.