Hi all, maybe someone here can help with this?

I would like a script, that is page dependant, in that where ever a person comes to view the page, it will resize to the desired sizes and no tool bar, menu bar etc.

For example: somebody submits a search query, and the template will have the code, to resize the window, or a confiramtion page holds the script, so it will be displayed in a small window.

I have found and used this following script:

<!-- full screen
if (top.frames.length!=0)

No matter where someone comes from, (search engine etc) this script will run, and open the window to full size I would like a similar script that will open the window to a specified size, and without tool bar, menu bar etc.

With out being able to write my own scripts I can only rely on the expertise of others, and just edit to suit my own requirments.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help