Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me gather some source code to help boost one of my projects user-friendliness. I wanted to use some JavaScript to implement little features here and there to look cool.

My first request is a function that changes the background of something on click. For example if I define which background I want changed (for example a table or cell) and have a function call the name that relates to that field then it will change it to the color I define in the function.

My second request is if I have a link/button I would like it to show/unhide code that I specificy. I am not sure how one could do something like this but have it so that the code is in a specific block of HTML, then when the function is called it actually shows the text. This will come in very handy for some of the massive datasheets in my project.

My third request is: does anyone know where I can get a good FREE wysiwyg just like the one SPF uses? I have tried spaw wysiwyg but it doesnt support too many os's.

Thanks for any help you can give