How do I make this long story short? :-)

I am redesigning a site with a shopping cart. I signed my client up with a hosting company that includes the EasyStoreMaker Pro shopping cart system. I designed all the pages with pretty pictures and my own Add to Cart buttons.

Then I found out that the ESM Pro only does catalog type design. So, in my "there has to be a way" attitude, I did a mock up of a cart and pulled the code from the catalog style and put them into my pages.

Unfortunately I am getting JS errors and can't figure out why (even after staring at it for hours on end). I think it has something to do the that 'btn' that keeps showing up.

The page I designed is located at (this is just an empty domain to get the shopping cart set up so none of the links in the nav work)

Can any of you JS experts take a look at my code and tell me why I am getting errors and how I can rectify this? THERE HAS TO BE A WAY!

Thanks all.