G'Day Sports!

I've just embarked into the realms of CGI scripting for a couple of projects. I'm actually VERY, VERY please because, after 2 days I've managed to get a FormMail script working .

Next comes the proper project. I'm after a few scripts, and I thought you lot might be able to recommend some good ones. Open Source of course (said the poet), because there's no way I can write my own!

[list][*]A script to manage a newsletter, one that allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe.[*]A script (now this is a tough one) that takes entries to a competition, looks up the correct answer to a multiple choice question and if the answer is right, adds a name and e-mail address to a file, randomly picking one each month to be the winner.[*]A half decent recommend e-mail page[*]A voting booth script. The best one i've seen used SSI, and the space my site is on doesn't support it.

Any suggestions? I've tried all the obvious choices, but there are so many scripts I don't know which to go for. Any offers of help installing them would be greatly appreciated too