I tried implementing templates into my php scripts. I though I had a good back up before I started...either that or I figured I woulnd't screw up.

Anywho, I decided, three fourths way through to screw it. I was only making things WAY more complicated then they should be, and that people can manually edit the code. They would end up manually editing it anyways just in a template.

SO, I try and revert back and realise I dont have a clean copy of the old version of my software. DARN.

I try windows me restore, to no avail. It says no back up made since september...

Anyways, BACK UP YOUR WORK. BTW, I got it working again, by just bringing up to date the old files I still had. SO I didn't lose anything. I am just sort of frusterated right now. I dunno why though...everything is perfect and back to how I had it...i think it might just be the fact that I have a paper due tommorw and i haven't started. oh well, good night.