Hello everybody!

I wrote wrapper for CoreMIDI, which is Apple's ansi C API for working with MIDI devices, recently. I would like to know your opinion about its organization and name of methods (I tried to name methods according to their function).

I wrote this wrapper to simplify work with CoreMIDI, because, writing pure C code for me is hardcore.
Wrapper consist of two header files and one implementation file. One of headers is a protocol (fancy term for interface in Objective C).

I would like to get review and get answered following questions:

1) What do you think about naming of the methods? Is it comprehensive?
2) What do you think about delegate model in the wrapper?
3) Can I improve something? Or everything is pretty sweet?

Here's the link to GitHub repo: https://github.com/Volter9/CoreMIDI-Wrapper

Thank you for attention!