hey, i have a question about regular expressions and date validation:
it references thread id # 95177 i think
i have a date field and need to validate the format is mm/yyyy. i am using code from that thread, but it always brings back a false result saying the date format is wrong even if it is not. is the js code good for only netscape. i am using ie 5.0. can anyone solve this simple problem?

<td nowrap><!--- onChange ="validDate();" --->
<input type="text" name="pack_date#get_mdc_SCR_lines.transx_nbr#" value="<cfif #IsDate(pack_date)#>#dateformat(PACK_DATE, "mm/yyyy")#<cfelse>#get_mdc_SCR_lines.pack_date#</cfif>" size="11" maxlength="11" onChange ="return validDate(this.value);">

function validDate(theDate) {
//var theDate = #dateformat(PACK_DATE, "mm/yyyy")#;
var re_date = new RegExp("^\d{1,2}\/\d{4}$");
var isValid = re_date.test(theDate);
if (!isValid) { alert("Please enter the date in the correct MM/YYYY format." );
return isValid;