Hi guys,

Wondering what people think of this idea. I want to start my index page with a flash splash-screen, with the rest of the page automatically loading after the animation finishes.

Easy, sure (the GetURL command), but I want to try and avoid the screen flicker you get when the new page loads.

I thought to myself what if the whole page had already loaded? Load the whole page, with everything except the flash movie hidden using a style sheet. Then get the movie to trigger a JavaScript function on its completion, which changes the style shet.

My effort is here:


The JavaScript function is called with the line

in the flash file.

Wondering what your thoughts are: is this going to cause problems with compatibility, or should I be safe? I've tested on as many browsers as I have, and it works great, but I would love some input if you have any old browsers!

Is there another condition I could put in the JavaScript, other than if (document.all) and if (document.getElementById), in order to cater for more browser types?

Also, is there a better way of doing what I'm aiming for? I want to produce the most sensible, reliable and thought-out final result that I can!

Thanks for your help.