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    SitePoint Community Guest
    I get an error on this line

    "crontab stockcron"

    stockcron NO such file or directory! :(

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    Thank you, Aaron!

    I was able to make it work as by calling the script at php command line but it wasn't the way that made me convinced. wget worked great!

    Thanks again!

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    This is indeed a very good article. Thanks!

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    As i recall, wget stores the result locally, as it is executed often can be a disk-space issue, one can use lynx -dump /path/ to/cron.php instead of wget

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    Piotr Kaleta
    SitePoint Community Guest
    Ty for great article !

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    you can used:

    0 4 * * 1,2,3,4,5 /usr/local/bin/php /home/hostname/publichtml/mailstock.php

    this is better and fast

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    I'm not sure, if the cms caretaker of a customer got this of your page, but they told us to do the command "crontab stockcron" to enable a cronjob. Unluckily without providing the *file* stockron ... and probably without the idea such thing is necessary. It might be a good idea, to name the thing something like "newcron.txt" to emphasize the idea that this is a file.
    crontab newcron.txt
    will *overwrite a present crontab*, so I recommend to use
    "crontab -e"
    instead (will use the editor, which is defined in the $EDITOR environment variable).


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