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    Hi there, I am going to sell the following computer on ebay... please tell me how much you would charge...

    -Compaq Presario 5610
    -PII 350 MHZ
    -8 GIG HD (would it be legal to up the price to include the programs I already have on it... such as PakeMaker, GoLive, Dreamweaver, Flash 4, Office 2000, Premier,...)
    -64 MB RAM
    -15" Compaq monitor w/ JBL Speakers
    -DVD ??? speed?
    -TV tuner card
    -Ethernet card
    -4x2x8 CD-RW (external)
    -100 MB Zip Drive (internal)

    ... thanks for your help! PS > if anyone is interested in purchasing this, please contact me at

    Steve Klebanow

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    I'm really bad at pricing things (esp. when I don't buy them on a regular basis), so I won't even bother because it'll probably be really far off. But I think that you should look around on eBay and see what similar computers are being sold for and use that as an estimate.

    But as for the legality of selling software with it. If you sent with the computer the Discs for the software, and didn't keep any copy of any of the programs your purchased - then I think it'd be okay. But if you were to send the software with the computer and keep the discs (or keep any copy of the program), then that wouldn't.

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    Considering I could purchase the components to build the above computer new for less than $500, you can't ask more than that.

    For a used computer with software $500-$600 dollars is reasonable.

    To transfer the software legally, you have to give all original discs and documentation to the new owner. This includes the orignal license agreement. If you don't have this then legally you can't transfer the software.
    Wayne Luke


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