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hello, I'm new here and want to learn about css.
I have a problem with the css but I do not know how to remove it, the fault lies in my blog entitled <snip>Link deleted</snip> and if viewed by right-clicking the source code will be visible irritation at his css.

looks like this:
<style type="text/css">
.wf-inactive h1.post-title, .wf-syncopate-n4-loading h1.post-title, .wf-syncopate-n4-inactive h1.post-title, .wf-inactive h4, .wf-syncopate-n4-loading h4, .wf-syncopate-n4-inactive h4, .wf-inactive h1.post-title a, .wf-syncopate-n4-loading h1.post-title a, .wf-syncopate-n4-inactive h1.post-title a {
font-family: sans-serif;

is there someone who can show where the location code is not working should I delete?
Thanks for help.
I have removed your link because it didn't provide much help and your question could not be answered, anyway. You need to be a bit more specific, and tell us what exactly doesn't work so we can have a look at it. Then, I will open a new thread and I may allow you to post the link (no keywords, please )