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    I haven't been to these forums in a while now. I've been over on the Killersites forums, and this is where i've been laying down all my dodgy experiments.

    1st Notes:
    I've edited out my holy grail no.8 that was here for a little while, mostly because it wasn't all that appreciated as i had hoped it would be, but i will carry on trying to better it, and if i do i can't promise that i'll be posting it in this section, as there is no double posting allowed.

    Anyway, here is something that i hope you will appreciate; it is a centered horizontal menu bar list with equal width buttons. The buttons themselves aren't images, just simple text on a background-color.

    Initially, i was only able to get this thing to work in Mozilla 1.2.1 for the Mac platform, but with the help of billyboy over at the Killersites forums we were able to crack it. You will find a more complete summary of this horizontal list on those forums.

    Blah DL 8

    The latest thing that i'm attempting to do is to create a 'faked table'. I've got a little table on my website that i use for dates, issue numbers, and magazine names. I was hoping to replace it with this faked table, but as you'll see the css code is humongous, and it's only humongous because i wanted to keep my 'zebra stripes' intact.

    Faked Table Display:

    Table Forge No.4

    2nd Notes
    I thought it might be an idea to edit this post for a second time inorder to put in a link above to direct you to the Blah DL 8 summary over at the Killersites forums, and also to drop in another Definition List tip & trick.

    I used to have a couple of lists (#listleft & #listright). They were both identical, and allowed me to fool most browsers into displaying each list side-by-side, where each line of text, say in, #listleft would also be level with a line of text in #listright.

    This next one will allow you to twin two columns in a dl, or definition list:

    Twin List 9
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