Hi everyone, of of my customer offered me an idea, currently he is doing well on amazon(more than $10,000 per month in sale, with not that many product), and wants to do his own website. He asked me if I'm interested taking over the whole website not just as a project, but as a long term partner, which means, I will do whatever I think will benefit the website in programming, design, and maintenance. He asked me if I want to do it with a fixed rate monthly or a profit share in revenue.

I have no experience in this kind work. Usually, I build the site, and if client ask for new task, I will just bill for the new work. Looks like he wants me treat the website as my own business, and invest as much as possible to bring more potential in this eCommerce business. I really dont know how much work will be involved in this case, very hard to estimate.

Have anyone had experience like this? any opinions?

Thank you so much!