Hi, I have a small, not-frequently-visited personal Web site which is basically just my online portfolio and resume. I've been reading the articles on resetthenet.org regarding using SSL certificates for one's sites in order to make it harder for the NSA to spy on me and my (infrequent) visitors. Specifically, on http://resetthenet.tumblr.com/post/8...https-hsts-pfs, it says: "HTTPS, HSTS, and PFS are powerful tools that make mass spying much more difficult."

I don't know whether to believe this or not. Having spent my career strictly as a front-end developer (or as we used to call us when I started in 1996, Web designers), I have only the most rudimentary knowledge of Web security. I know one puts a SSL layer on a shopping cart or log in section of a site, but it was always the server administrator who did that. Would $70 (GoDaddy's basic rate) worth of SSL keep my site free of NSA surveillance?​