Hi everyone,

In my database i'm working with a nested set structure for my menus and now i need to construct the menu in the front-end but i can't get it to work.

My setup
As i said above i'm using a nested set structure in may database, The table structure is as follows id,name,desc,lft,rgt and in the query i have a count value that tells me the amount of child categories for that specific category, when i get the query data i insert it into an array but every time a category has a count value higher then 0 (meaning it has children) it will add a "type" in the array that says "open" and if the value is 0 it will add a "type" that says "li" i have another array that works as a reference so that every time a category has a count higher then 0 (meaning it has children) it will take the category's rgt (right) value and subtract 1 from it and then add it to the reference array, so when a category's rgt value is in the array it will add the "type" to that category as "close"

To make sense of what i just said here is the function:
PHP Code:
$fullArry = array();

$query mysqli_query($run_connect"SELECT node.category_id,node.category_name,node.lft,node.rgt, (COUNT(parent.category_id) - 1) AS count
                                  FROM categories AS node,categories AS parent
                                  WHERE node.lft BETWEEN parent.lft AND parent.rgt
                                  GROUP BY parent.category_id
                                  ORDER BY node.lft"
$queryNumRows mysqli_num_rows($query);
$queryNumRows 0){
$referenceArry = array();
$queryResults mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)){
$id $queryResults['category_id'];
$name $queryResults['category_name'];
$lft $queryResults['lft'];
$rgt $queryResults['rgt'];
$count $queryResults['count'];
$count 0){
$parentRgt $rgt-1;
$referenceArry[$parentRgt] = null;
$type 'open';
$type 'li';

$type 'close';
$fullArry[$id]['name'] = $name;
$fullArry[$id]['type'] = $type;

$fullArry AS $id => $content){
$category_name        $content['name'];
$sef_category_name    str_replace(' ''-'$category_name);
$fancyCategoryName    str_replace('and''&'$category_name);

        <?php if($content['type'] == 'open'){ ?>
                <li><a href="category/<?php echo $sef_category_name;?>"><?php echo $fancyCategoryName;?></a></li>
        <?php }else if($content['type'] == 'li'){ ?>
                <li><a href="category/<?php echo $sef_category_name;?>"><?php echo $fancyCategoryName;?></a></li>
        <?php ?>

        <?php if($content['type'] == 'close'){ ?>
                <li><a href="category/<?php echo $sef_category_name;?>"><?php echo $fancyCategoryName;?></a></li>
        <?php }?>

My problem
As you can see in the last part of the code the foreach need to construct the menu, the only problem i have is that the child categories ul is not inside the parent li and i don't know how to fix this i have been sitting with this for a full day already, can anyone please help?

Thanks for reading.