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    Talking AspEncrypt Expired


    Our company will migrate classic asp application from server A to another new server(server C) in september,but now we want to test the application in server B before server C.
    Now encountered AspEncrypt expired in server B (error below printscreen)while launching the application.

    I've downloaded the AspEncypt tools for free version and it temporarily can works in Server B now but not sure it can be no issue or not in server C.

    My question here:
    1.How to verify whether the encrypt license in server A is still valid.If migrate to Server C will facing the same expired issue as server B?
    2.If the license is still valid, whether can we migrate the license to other hardware(server C)? If yes, how can we migrate.
    3.Do we still need to purchase a new license key on different hardware?

    Appreciate if anyone could advise !thanks!

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    You should contact the product vendor as that is a product error message. Licensing is likely on a per machine basis. Transferring may be possible but new purchase may also be required. Only the vendor can say for sure.

    good luck.


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