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    ok I am getting all ready to launch my site this weekend....

    I have a q on community building..

    Over the next 2 to 3 months I plan to have both a Vbulletin forum and a quickchat room for my visitors..

    Now the Vbulletin thing, being a newbie to setting up php boards is gonna take me while to get up and running and looking nice graphic wise.. Thats no problem because I would prefer to have a few months of traffic generating behind me before I go live with a board....

    However, at many of the boards I go to which have the topic of my site, many people show an interest in chat rooms. There is currently nothing good for bodybuilding chat...

    So since a chat channel and web interface is so easy to set up should I get one up and running within a week of the launch or should I hold my horses (can't believe I said that !!!) and wait till my board goes live..

    What do you think ?


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    I've never been that big into chat, so I'm probably not a good person to ask.

    I would thing the best thing would be to roll features out as they work. It's better to have one that works properly than one that annoys people.
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