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Thread: Licensing issue

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    Licensing issue

    I have a company and a freelance designer did two websites for a small corporation (one corporate and one sub site) and set client up in a multi-site environment. The client mentioned they would be needing 7 or 8 additional sub sites for their branches and we were figuring they would be hiring us even though they have an IT / web guy in house. They are not. They are copying our custom WP work (and the designer's) to all their other sub sites. I mentioned this as a licensing issue and said that we only created these and priced these as single site licenses.

    What are your thoughts? How do we handle this? They are copying our work and agreed to sign a waiver but it seems like we should charge more for this. Even places like themeforest have a single site licence. When you purchase it it is supposed to be used on a single site.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. What kind of agreement/waiver is out there and how much to charge.

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    My guess is that if your client paid for the work you did, the design is theirs, you did not sell them a one site license, and if it`s on the same domain, the sub-sites don`t act as another site. I don`t think you can legally do anything in the case they use the design bought from you, or alter it in any way, because it`s their design now.

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    Yes. Once again it goes back to the Contract. If you didn't specify the limitations in proper legalese detail, consider it a lesson learned the hard way.

    Surely, getting a qualified lawyer to put something together for you would be considered a legal business expense, no?


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