I am trying to develop a text editor system for a forum board I am creating, something similar to what sitepoint used to have when adding new topics/replies.

My current problem is trying to get an input type of 'button' to use an onmouseover event that has a userdefined javascript function. My code for the button is as follows:
 <input type='button' accesskey='u' style='width: 30px' value='URL' name='btnHttp' onClick="tagInsert('link');" onmouseover="help('u')">
The javascript function "help" is defined in the body of the page, as such:
  <script language="JavaScript" type='text/javascript'>  
  function help(helptag) 
Now, when I mouseover the button on the page, I get a Javascript error:
Object doesn't support this property or method.

Why am I getting this error? If I change the onmouseover call to use something like "alert('testing');" the alert works fine. I also tried using window.status='testing'; and it worked fine as well. Why won't it call me predefined function? I have tried changing the name of the function to several different things (in case 'help' was a javascript keyword or something) but that didn't work either. When I remove the onmouseover altogether the page runs fine, without error. What am I missing here?

Please help me. I'm about to pull my hair out.

- krayzie