This question is part Web-Design and part Web-Content, but I decided to post it here to get a fresh set of eyes and perspectives!

My website is basically an online newspaper, and so it will have tons of articles about Small-Business.

Beneath each Article, is the ability for users to post Comments about the article. (Similar to what you'd see on a site like The Washington Post.)


1.) Would you rather see all of the Article-Comments on ONE PAGE beneath the Article, or would you rather have Article-Comments "paginated" maybe 20 comments per page? (In the second scenario, the Article and Comments would still be on the same page, but a user would only see 20 Comments at a time.)

2.) Would you limit the number of Article-Comments that can be made? For example 100 in total?

Why do this?

For me, I find - even on SitePoint - that after 40-50 posts the conversation either "splinters" or dies out, and anything after that consists of a.) Trolls, b.) People starting new conversations, or c.) People trying to get involved in a conversation that is now "ancient history"!!