It has been a long time since I last worked with phpbb on this level. So I am sure this question will sound outdated and stupid.

Years ago, when I would put a new mod into the phpbb code, it required unzipping the file and looking at a "readme" file and then going line by line and making the adaptations to the php code.

I am using phpbb 3.0.12 and the mod I just downloaded had a documentation file along with the zip file. The mod is membership_management V1.0.13 and the documentation basically explained setting up paypal to accompany the functionality of the mod, but did not provide any real instructions for altering the phpbb code. And the mod zip file itseld did not have a "readme" file.

Now, I know that other CMS systems have a system where if you want to add a mod, you go into the dashboard and upload the zip file there and by some magic all the adaptations are done automatically. Is this what phpbb has evolved to or am I missing something?