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    Discussion thread for 5 Steps to Relationship Marketing Success!

    This is a dedicated thread for discussing the SitePoint article '5 Steps to Relationship Marketing Success!'

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    A good idea to expand a little on point 3 is to consider keeping a list of your clients addresses and sending them a christmas card from your company. Perhaps even a little e-card you've made and send out a cd to them. There will be an associated cost but it's a good time of year to keep yourself in the clients thoughts.

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    There is so much more to relationship marketing than those 5 steps!!

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    you should include some ingormation on relationship marketing in views of cutsomer experience tourism. IE- how to promote a province, town, industry in your local area to customers in was that creates a relationship type atmosphere. It is harder to do this when your working with tourism, vacationers, and seasonality.

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    I found this to be basic but informative on that level.

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    Robert Rubin
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    You hit it right on the nail. As relationship marketers our first priority is to maintain top-of-mind awareness. Once we loose that privileged position it is like starting all over again.

    At they say that you loose about 10% of influence for every month that goes by that you do not stay in touch with your customer. At the end of 10 months your customer will not recall your name.

    Staying in touch with customers is a key component of a relationship marketing strategy. One usually refers people they know and remember.


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