Hi There

Newbie on here for first time, so please be gentle.

Issue - We use a CMS and are in the process of moving servers during the move the authors won't be able to update the site so they want a static page which they can update, this page will also contain a link to the normal site where users will then be able to navigate the site as normal, for demo purposes we'll call the site www.example.com.

So when the user hits www.example.com for the first time he sees htdocs/latestnews.html

Then assuming he clicks one of the links on the static page which goes to www.example.com I want him to then bypass the htdocs/latestnews.html page as he will have already read this and go in the the site via the normal proxy directives as below

ProxyPass / http://tomcatserver:8080/
ProxyPassReverse / http://tomcatserver:8080/

Any idea how I can achieve this - any help appreciated