I'm a full time web developer from Arkansas. I don't really have a home page, because I don't really do much freelance work. I mostly work in the corporate sector, but I do have a few projects floating around my home computer that I won't share until they are more than just testing.

I do front-end and back-end both. I have an eye for design and a talent for coding, so you'll probably see me posting in just about any forum. Currently, I'm a Java web developer using Servlets and some in-house created stuff. At home I mess around with different frameworks and different languages, currently I'm working with Play! 2.0 on a PostgreSQL db, mixing in Scala here and there.

I've also worked in C# and Coldfusion professionally, but don't ask me any CF questions because I took a brain dump on all of it. I hate CF. I've worked on a major personal project that I recently left that was done in PHP. I'm not a pro in PHP, but I got enough experience to say I'm not a fan of it for large scale development. It's great for small scripting level stuff. I've also done freelancing here and there using WordPress, but not a whole lot. It's just something I do when the money is right.

And of course, I use Javascript/jQuery/SQL. I'm just now getting around to learning SASS and LESS. I'll probably stick with LESS because it works natively with the Play Framework I'm using.

I read, golf, hike, kayak, and collect action figures. I'm not very athletic, but I like to get outside and do stuff and stay healthy. My main passion is web dev. I have only been in the industry a few years, but it's been 24/7 pretty much since I started. Maybe I'll burn out one day, who knows, but I'm no where near slowing down yet. If anything I've just been picking up more steam. I joined the military and didn't start college until I was 21 and was deployed in the middle, so I guess I'm making up for lost time.