Hi Everyone,

I am slowly getting the hang of HTML and CSS (just scratched the surface really). I am using the trial of Dreamweaver CC. I currently have two things I am trying to figure out.

I have created a responsive site using DW's new responsive layout maker thing. At each of the breakpoints my site looks ok to me BUT as I resize my browser window and the width reduces to near the next breakpoint, I don't like the squashed appearance.

My first question is: can I make my site snap from one layout size to the next without constantly adjusting as the window width is changed? This would enable me to have just three possible 'looks' for my site. I have seen some responsive sites do this but I can't remember what they were.

My second question, which is off topic, is I am trying to insert a full size iFrame onto a page. I want to insert a wordpress blog page. I have created a div which is set to full width and inserted an iframe. When I view the page the iframe is small, about 300 pixels wide. How can I make it full width and auto height?

Thanks for you help and in my previous post.