Has anyone setup or implemented anything that helps notify you of power outages/restorations? I have a UPS that I can detect when it goes to battery mode and when it goes off of battery mode, so I think I could utilize these events to send out quick notifications, but does something like this already exist?

I happen to be running Linux on the machine that is attached to the UPS, so anything that may exist would be more beneficial to me if it were created for Linux. Does anyone else monitor these type of events or am I the only one why wants to do this?

My system(s) provide a lot of services to both immediate family and outside needs so knowing when my home loses power and the services are about to go offline is ideal. I can typically discover everything went offline within 30 minutes as I start to notice some of my apps not functioning correctly on my phone, but I'd like it to be more proactive than that and get immediate notification (in this day and age, I don't think that is an unrealistic goal).

So to all of those who run data centers and what not, what do you use?