Hello, everyone.

I'm trying to learn the CFLDAP tag (CF9), and I'm not sure what I'm doing incorrectly. I keep getting the error message: "One or more of the required attributes may be missing or incorrect or you do not have permission to execute this operation on the server."

It's my dev machine (WIN 7), I'm in the admin group, and I'm trying to query the AD.

Here's the code I have, so far:

<cfldap action="query" name="cfldap_test" start="dn=firstDN,dn=secondDN,dn=tld" scope="onelevel" attributes="cn" server="firstDN.secondDN.tld" 
      username="#request.cfldap_un#" password="#request.cfldap_pw#">
<cfdump var="#cfldap_test#" expand="yes" label="cfldap test">
Any help appreciated.