At the moment I'm using a TV DVD/HD recorder (Freeview) to record particular UK radio shows, then I copy them to a re-writable DVD disk from the machine's HD (or record straight to DVD) then put that DVD in my computer and use two bits of software (Mac DVD Ripper, then Audacity) to end up with nice mp3 file.

It's no longer practical for me to use the TV recorder machine.

What could I buy/use instead?

Just radio this is. Preferably whatever I go with won't require a TV screen, but maybe that'll be necessary as I want to record particular channels at particular times and TV based stuff seems to have that much better covered.

Reasonably cheap but good quality and a hardware system that's as minimal as possible -- that's the goal. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Oh, just to make clear: I want to record from broadcast in air, not via internet.