We moved from a obsolete platform fall of last year. Bounce rates hover around 38% with conversions around .78 - 1% for most large ticket items. The site is not responsive but Ive added a few media queries to make it look pretty decent on most screen sizes. No IE7 support but we take it as a decent trade off as our IE7 traffic is almost nill.

Most direct traffic to manufacturer landing categories are extremely targeted with bounce rates as low as 15%. Our traffic is slowly dropping while our Google impressions and CTRs are improving. Big ticket item sales and a overall decrease in conversion rates can be directly correlated to the decrease in targeted traffic.

Cart abandonment's are almost non-existent. Most traffic drops on the product pages or search page. What can I do to improve the product pages? Our main sellers are the WARN and BESTOP categories and are the categories with the most time invested.