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    Please review / feedback on web-app

    Hi there,

    I am requesting a review of
    RoundU is more an "app" than a "website".

    Explaining the app:

    When visiting RoundU, your location is requested. When it gets your current position items (posts) from twitter within a radius of 500 metres are fetched from twitter and instagram
    If you sign in with all your accounts, it will also fetch from your facebook network.

    In the map you can see your current position and the 500 metres circle.
    You can also change this position/circle by clicking in the map or searching and clicking a city
    Go back to home and it will fetch from that position instead.

    You can change the radius from the settings page (100-5000), the default is 500 metres

    That way you can view activity on social media anywhere in the world.
    The two buttons on the top of the page will share the current position in the map, with the URL,lon.../currentradius
    Site is opened with this map position and fetching content from this position.
    RoundU is a html5 single page application

    Your feedback is very appreciated.


    You need to allow the page access to your Location
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    Sounds really cool will check it out!
    Get a little bit extra out of life with
    and stay motivated the easy way!


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