I've been asked to do a small project in classic asp, which I haven't touched on for a while so was wondering if someone could provide a little assistance with a problem I'm having.

Basically, I am trying to grab two values from checkboxes that are selected by the user at run-time for specific rows of a table (where the data is retrieved from a database). I have joined two variables for the checkbox value via a '+' symbol and want to grab each one of these variables as a separate entity and store them as key value pairs using the dictionary function so that I can then iterate through the key value pairs to delete records from the database that correspond to the value of the checkboxes stored in the dictionary. Unfortunately, however, the spilt function doesn't seem to work correctly when I try to grab the variables contained in the value of the checkbox and spilt them based on looking for the '+' symbol - the . I have inserted my code below for reference and would appreciate any guidance on what I'm doing wrong here:

<form id="frmDeleteMass" method="POST" action="Invoices2.asp">

<input type="checkbox" id="chk_delete" name="chk_delete" value="<%=rs(1)%>+<%=rs(5)%>" style="margin-top:5px;" onmouseover="return escape('<img src=\'../../Icons/database_delete.png\' width=\'16\' height=\'16\' border=\'0\' align=\'absmiddle\'><strong> Delete the entry</strong><BR> Click to delete the entry in the errors table for the following order (<span style=\'color:Red\'><%=rs(1)%></span>)')" />


Dim strIDs

strIDs = Replace(Request.Form, "&chk_delete=", ",")
strIDs = Replace(strIDs, "chk_delete=", "")

if strIDs <> "" then

Dim split_vers

split_vers = Split(strIDs,"+")

Dim values_store
Set values_store=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

values_store.Add Split(split_vers(0), ","), Split(split_vers(1), ",") // This is where the problem is - no data is being retrieved using this method and hence an error is generated

allKeys = values_store.Keys
allItems = values_store.Items

For i = 0 To values_store.Count - 1

strSQL = "DELETE from Openquery(EFGL01A,'Select * from EFGL01A.SIERRORS" & allKeys(i) & " where yeorn5 = " & allItems(i) & "')"

conn.Execute (strSQL)


end if