I know I know, I see you shaking your head..

Anyway, as the title suggests I've compiled a bunch of code and stitched together something basic. Obviously I've not a clue regarding website creation, but through Dreamweaver CS6 and a smattering of youtube video's I've managed to concoct something I could be reasonably proud of for a first effort - It's not done though!

Because I DON'T actually know what I'm doing, I know for sure that what I have done is so unconventional that it's likely I've painted myself into a corner. The basic layout is there (albeit an utter abortion of mishandled HTML/CSS)..
What's left is formatting text and adding a couple pictures here and there.

If someone could take a look at this and tell me where I'm going with it?
The main problem Is formatting the text inside the table so it doesn't affect the "box" underneath. If I use padding inside the table then the box loses shape and cuts bits off or adds bits on. I've worked out how to actually format the text but keeping the margins inside the grey box is confusing the hell out of me.

The look of the index page as it is now is basically suitable for me. The idea was to have that same layout on all 5 pages. So you'd click one of the buttons on the bottom and only the text and pictures inside the grey box would change - I've no idea how to do that either...

I'm sure it's a relatively straight forward work around for someone experienced - I have searched but it's a little fruitless because of the technique used to get to where I am at this stage?

1: So how do I keep both text and thumbnail images inside a margin of the grey box, without affecting the placement/layout of the grey box itself?
2: How do I limit a text/pic swap inside the grey box for the different pages I'll make? Recreating that page for 5 pages or so seems overkill. The background image is quite large so I'd rather not..

If someone could help me out I'd be grateful, if you can manage that once you're done pointing and laughing, here's the URL anyway... www.inkredible.co.nz

I'm actually a Screen Printer by trade, I'm not unfamiliar with Illustrator or Photoshop - This whole website creation is a new gig and figured I'd take on the challenge. Now that I have done I really have to see it through!