Advice on splitting up and charging for Google Adwords-related services

Do you charge clients for general non-retainer Adwords work?
How do you split up your services?

Not the way I really wanted to word this question, but cant think of a better way to word it so here goes; I'm not sure 'how much to charge' for this service, which breaks down into the following 4 categories or sub-services;

- Initial Setup / Creation of the Account
includes code embedding onto website and first campaign set up with initial funds

- Campaign Monitoring & Analysis
checking on progress, stats, producing reports, analysiing the data and making recommendations

- Account Top-ups
physically topping up the account for the client, financially

- New Campaign creation
creating and setting off new campaigns based on the previous campaign monitoring and result analysis

So I'd like to get a feel for:

How much you charge for each of those services on an individual basis. Again, this is not relating to retainers or regular or monthly work. I'm talking one-offs, ad-hoc.

Would you put a % of the top-up amount on top of the top up amount in order to cover the time spent dig this?

Would you charge a set rate for creating new campaigns? Or go by the hour for new campaigns and monitoring/analysis

As a sidenote, it may be helpful to note that this is -not- for an e-commerce site. The site being promoted does not sell products/services in a traditional 'shop' or 'store' kind of way. We're paying to attract traffic which may then turn into leads or enquiries. So its pretty difficult to track an ROI and base any fees on that. That's not what im hoping for in your replies lol. Thank you in advance