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    Thumbs down This Week in JavaScript - 17 March 2014

    Welcome to your weekly update of JavaScript news and goodies.

    Learning more

    A criticism of the Single Var Pattern in JavaScript, and a simple alternative (rant)
    JavaScript: bind function
    Naming JavaScript Functions
    Promises and Error Handling
    Online JSON parser with nice formatting options


    Building a WebGL logo
    WebGL Filter - An image editor in WebGL
    HTML5 Canvas Tutorial: An Introduction
    CamanJS - Advanced and efficient image/canvas editing techniques
    Rendering large terrains
    PSDiff - Simple PSD previews for Git


    z.js - Turns content [in]visible
    JSONSelect - CSS-like selectors for JSON
    Webshims Lib - A capability-based polyfill-loading library
    WolverineJS - Library for server-side logging with levels and special Error object logging
    Quink - A rich, web- and mobile-friendly editor
    Froala - A beautiful jQuery WYSIWYG text editor


    Is jQuery Too Big For Mobile?
    jQuery Coding Standards & Best Practices
    jQuery Cheatsheet


    Testing event binding and unbinding with Jasmine
    My RequireJS Itches and How I Scratched them using Browserify
    Shmock: An Express-Based HTTP Mocking Library for Node.js


    Using AngularJS to create iPhone & Android applications
    Mocking $resource and promises in AngularJS unit tests

    Taking things further

    Custom Error Objects in JavaScript
    Redefining a function as you debug it in Chrome DevTools

    Future changes

    Next Generation JavaScript
    ECMAScript 6 - let vs var
    Tree Traversal With ES6 Generator
    An empty repo to make it easy to experiment with ES6
    Functional programming with JavaScript is beautiful

    Fancy stuff

    Butterfly - Your Terminal in your Web Browser

    So what are your thoughts on the latest going-ons in the world of JavaScript? Have you started doing much exploration of the ES6 features, and do you feel that you are drowning in too many tools?

    Please PM us if you have anything of interest for the next issue, and happy reading! - Paul & Pullo
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    The "single var pattern" article is ignoring an alternative way to define variables using a single var that is closer to how JavaScript actually works than either of the variants the article discusses:

    function() {
        // declarations
        var declare, your, using, single, statement, semicolon; 
        // assignments separate from declarations
        declare = 'all';
        your = 'variables';
        using = 'a';
        single = 'var';
        statement = 'then';
        // Everything else.

    Another reason for giving your functions names when you use them in event listeners is that it makes it easier to remove the event listener again.
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