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    Looking to generate backlinks - need advice

    Relaunched my 10 year old domain on a different web host using a completely different web editor (WordPress). Only difference is the site has 13,000 pages and 4,000 images. It's an image licensing database. I already sent the sitemap into Google Webmaster Tools 5 weeks ago and all pages and images are indexed plus the redirects were taken care of prior to sitemap submission. Since the site is image based, I need advice regarding the best route for getting more backlinks....advice is appreciated. I have previously tried the dull, boring, tedious article submissions, getting into DMOZ and a pile of other directories and all the other tricks. However, if there is a better way I am not aware of, feel free to enlighten me.....right now I don't even have a page rank and my traffic is very very low. At one point in time, my old look with FrontPage 2002 (before the Penguin & Panda debacles) I had a #5 page rank!
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