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    3rd party click tracking service

    I want to track clicks, impressions, and maybe actions on ads that displayed on my website but served from an external ad server. Are there any services that can do this type of tracking?

    Some more details about my question:
    • I dont want to serve the ads from the tracking service, as I`m already using an external source for the banner configuration and creatives.
    • I don't use ad tags directly, My current ad server supplies the ad parameters (creative, click url, etc), then my local javascript code is drawing the ads based on those parameters.
    • I need an option for adding custom variables in the tracking url (name and value pairs that will be inserted while adding the tracking tag).
    • Click tracking should be made by click though methodology, but the click target is actually defined in the origin url (it is not set up in the ad server), for example:
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